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So as many of you know, Mike Galusick and asked Deadpool Editor Axel Alonso to give us the chance to write an Issue of Deadpool Team-Up. He told us to E-mail him with links to the channel and to review the submission rules. Well we sent the e-mail, but there is no way of telling if he got it or not. And the rules for submitting work is "We aren't currently accepting submissions. If we want you, we'll contact you."

As a businessman, i understand that me telling someone i'm good at something won't always impress them (LAMP moment). But if people show a demand for my work, then there is obviously a better opportunity for a business associate to make money. So this is where we need your help.

We need you guys to send and E-mail to Axel, tell him how much you enjoy our work and that you would be willing to buy a comic written by us. The following video has all the information you need, mixed in with some DAF animation and funny jokes.

We already have most of the story outlined, with many of the jokes already there, we just haven't bother to finished scripting it since there was not guarantee that it would get made. I had often though of doing this as a PSA or a Quickie, but a full comic is warranted for this story, as a 10 minute video wouldn't cover all of it. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOU HELP ON THIS.

Post a link, or embed the video, on your Deviant Art Page, Face book, Comic Book Forum, Spill.com page (WHERE EVER) and send me a link and we'll give you an Internet High Five in a Video. Also open to those who post videos encouraging people to send the e-mail (No Minimum subscriber count necessary for that).

Deadpool PSA # 10 "Twilight"

It's here! It's finally here! The Twilight PSA is now up! Take that Edward Cullen! Ohh and a heads up, at some point i'm planning on film a living action, "How to make an award winning fight scene like Twilight". I'll link it once it is posted. Mean time. Here's the PSA:

Partnership VLOG

Wow. I just realized that i forgot to post this video here. So the main idea was that i'm thinking about trying to get a YouTube Partnership. Why? Because i'm a business man and i like to make money, so why not make some money doing something i enjoy, like this channel. The problem comes about from the fact that i'm using other people's material (the Characters and the Art). From what i understand Marvel and DC have no problem with people making fan films as long as they aren't making money on them directly. So what i could do, if YouTube gives me a partnership, is starting doing Vlogs every other video. And those i can monetize, but advertisements on and thusly make money. So i wanted to pose the question to my subscribers to see if they would even support watching my vlogs. Cause if they wouldn't then it may not be worth it. But overall (With the exception of 1 or 2) the text responses i got the video were very positive and very encouraging. People said that they would like to see them.

How ever this video didn't get the usual number of views as the last one. So i'm planning to post a plea to my subscribers, on my next PSA, to check out the video and take the time to answer the question. Cause i do want the most answers as possible.

And as a side note, i had been planning on doing a Bunch of Deadpool Movie VLOGS anyways.

Check it out. Just a heads up, i should be posting another post here soon with the new PSA. Within the next couple hours.

The sad thing i wasn't really too lazy in making this video, it just seemed to take For-Ever!. Hope you enjoy as Deadpool and Gambit watch their first movie appearances.

Let me know what you thought.

1000 Susbcribers!

Holy Cow. I just hit 1007 subscribers. That blows my mind with the total awesomeness of it. I remember when i first started this, i would have been happy with 100 subscribers. Then i did that hotforwords video and i suddenly gained 50 subscribers in a day. It blew my mind. I was like, "wow i may actually reach 150 subscribers one day." Then it just kept growing. People well telling their friends to come and subscribers. Blogs were embedding the videos on their pages, they were appearing on myspace pages, and the youtube search engines were treating me very well. Before i knew it, 400 subscribers. That's when i started to think about how awesome 1000 might be, but still figured it would be many months off. But then i started to pick up 10 to 20 subscribers a day and here i am, 5 months after starting, with 1000 subscribers. Even my wife is starting to think this is all pretty cool. Pretty amazing for something that i started just as a way to kill time late at night when i can't sleep anyways. And honestly, i'm still excited that i have 100 subscribers.

Bea Arthur/Deadpool Tribute video

Upon a multitude of special requests, here is the Deadpool video where he finds out about the passing of Bea Arthur.

My Clan Deadpool

Just to try and make Emily (foresthouse) a little jealous, i present my clan Deadpool. Sorry, i'm not creative enough to give them names.


Hey every, i just posted a Hi-larious new video. It for the Kevin Craft Put On Challange, so i need everybody to head over to the video, Comment and Rate it in order to help us out. It was a joint venture with TeknekFlozart where he sent me his art work and did the voice for Lando Calrissian. He has some real funny interactions with Deadpool. Hope you all enjoy.

Hey Everyone, Just posted a new Vlog:

Now that you have watched the video, answer the polls below and also head over to the page a leave a comment there as well (if you haven't already)

Poll #1372224 Best Regular Deadpool Costume

What is your Favorite Regular Deadpool Costume

Volume 1
Weapon X
Volume 2
Dead Man Wade

What is your Favorite Fun Deadpool Costume

Mythras Armor Deadpool
Deadpool Son of Asgard
Dynamic Deadpool
Insane Wacky Wade
Deadpool Inc - Suit and Tie
Marvel Poolgirl
X-Men Deadpool
Sleeping Baby Deadpool
Captain Deadpool

Well, Hope this worked. If not i'll have to redo it.

A website!

So I went ahead and made a website.


I had had a little prodding to do it, so i figure, might as well. I just used Free Webs, or what ever they are calling it these days, and truthfully, i'm pretty happy with it.

So let's check it now. I have a:
Youtube page - http://www.youtube.com/DeadpoolAndFriends
A website - http://www.deadpoolandfriends.webs.com/
A Deviant Art Page - http://deadpoolandfriends.deviantart.com/
A Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/YouTubeDeadpool
And a Live Journal Page - ... you're on it. Do I need a link?

So i'm missing a myspace and a facebook page. Do i really want them? They all basically do the same thing, but there is no one place that i can go to update them all at once. So more then likely most of them will get neglected. Which from a business stand point is horrible, but then again i'm not getting paid to do this. That and since it is someone else's character, i can't even become a YouTube Partner doing it. And i can't update each page until after the video is uploaded. It'd be nice if i could post stuff on each page while it is uploading, but oh well. That's okay though, i use that time to do the cleaning stuff that my wife told me to get done "before i hop on the internet for the night"... lol.

Ohh well. I'll figure something out. But hey, new video out last week!: